Here you can find the documentation of my build process of HMS Victory in 1:78. It is based on the Panart kit but will be heavily modified according to real plans. You will find many images of the build and the real ship, descriptions and many links to useful sites, books, pictures and other resource. At the moment there will not be so many updates because I moved house and cannot build. I will focus on 3D-designing some parts of the ship where the kit supplied parts are not close to the real ship counterpart, and on collecting valueable information on build techniques on the internet.

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Side ladder available as 3D printed part in several scales

The side ladders are now available in my Shapeways shop. The set includes ladders for both sides of the hull. The backside of the steps is already beveled to follow the curvature of the ship’s hull. Several scales are already available but if you need a special scale, just contact me.

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New 3D parts available at Shapeways

While I am still waiting to be able to continue with my actual model, I was at least able to do some 3D modelling. I completed HMS Victory’s belfry and redesigned the roundhouse decorations. I also made most of the parts available for 3D printing in the scales: 1:40 1:72 1:78 1:84 1:90 1:96
These parts (and others) can be purchased at my Shapeways shop
Other scales can easily be made – just contact me.

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3D printed parts of stern gallery completed

I was able to do a bit of 3D-design-work and managed to finish the models for the stern gallery. They consist of two sets. One for the decoration parts for the stern face (tweaked version of the model from the last post) and one for the parts for the side galleries. Both sets are now available for sale on the Shapeways site.

I am really happy with the result and cannot wait to paint the parts and get them on my model. The next object on the agenda is the ship’s belfry… so stay tuned….

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First part of stern decoration printed

Today I received the first parts of my 3D-printed stern decoration. I was excited when I opened the package because this is by far the most complicated part I made. At the first glance I was disappointed because I thought the pillars are “melted” together at some places which would have meant that the space between them is to small. But the I realized that it was only recess wax from the production process which can easily be removed! Uff!
Now I am really happy with the quality of the parts! The picture below shows the parts still uncleaned on their support cage, which is necessary because they are really delicate! You can also see some of the recess wax on the lower pillar row on the left half. At the moment I am working on the equivalent parts for the side galleries. Once they are finished I will offer the complete set at Shapeways.
I hope can can get a better camera and take a clearer pricture….

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Figurehead paintjob

As I am still restricted to my small desk I took out the figurehead castings I bought from Caldercraft (which look and fit so much better than the original Panart parts, see here) and my tiniest brushes and did some filigree painting. Adding only one detail at a time I took 2 weeks to get it done. I am quite happy with the result which looks much better in real life than it does on the picture. That is something I realized often before: pictures exaggerate the smallest imperfection! Wait a second … may that mean that I could look better in real life that on all those pictures, too….

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Tiny progess! Well … tiny!!!

I had the opportunity to get some of my modelling stuff home from where I store it temporarily until I have a place to build again. I brought some parts which I intend to paint in the coming weeks/months, because that is something I can do on my small desk.
The first thing I painted is the beakhead decoration which is one of my 3D-printed parts. The next thing to come is the figurehead… but wait…. where are all my tiny brushes….

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3D gallery decorations in the making

Though I am not able to build I was started designing 3D parts for the quarter galleries. They are not yet finished but I am well on my way. I used a scan of a 1:48 plan from my Arthur Bugler book and put it in the background to get started. I will have to test-print to see how the detail level emerges. Here are the first impressions:

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I sold something!!!!!!!!

Whow!! When I computer modeled some parts for my own model for 3D printing, I never thought that someone (other that me) actually would buy these parts from Shapeways. Nervertheless I created a shop at Shapeways because it was just a few clicks to make the parts I uploaded for myself public.

But now someone really bought something!!! 😀

I hope that person is happy with the parts and if so will spread the word…..

An example of a printed part, in that case the decoration for the beakhead:

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Still alive….. !

As you can see at the date it’s been a while since the last update. Two blog entries were lost and I did not have the nerve to redo them again… 😡

Even though there was some progress until the end of 2011 it was not as much as it could have been but I had the best reason one could have 😳 :D:!! Because of the same reason I moved house and for the time being I have no place to build.

But in 2011 I finished the second layer of planking along with the whales, planked the upper gun deck, painted the yellow-ocre/black scheme, installed some details on the upper gun deck, worked on the guns for this deck and tested the installation of a gun on a dummy. I also created some parts with 3D software and 3D-printed them on Shapeways. These parts are now free to buy for everyone (see “HMS Victory Scale Parts”)!! All that can be seen in the following pictures.

For now I will settle with some research on rigging…. It may take some time before I can go on with the build….

On to the pictures:

Detail of the gun ports framed with the second layer of planking:

Precisely cutting a plank – individually for every gunport!

The complete second layer with whales around the entry port:

Looking along the whales:

Total view with the second layer completed and sanded:

Masking prior to painting the yellow-ocre stripes:

Painting completed:

Detail of bow with completed painting:

Detail of difference of the lines of whales and the painted stripes:

Planking of the upper gun deck completed and some gratings installed:

Detail of gratings, rings for the gun tackles und shot garlands:

Details of deck sides with rings for the gun tackles:

Preparing the guns and testing an installation method:

The rudder with copper plainting (glue testing):

One of the fenders next to the entry port precisely adjusted to the whales:

Some of the 3D-printed parts I designed form original plans:

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